Reflecting on the W’s

styles teaching Sep 29, 2019

by Ron Archer

Simply stated, any teacher should not consider how to teach until careful reflection has been given to the why, the who and the what to teach.

For me, the why is about leverage. Students must always leave an educational experience with a skill that they can leverage into a salary, a positive influence or an invention. Students who master content without learning a skill have nothing to leverage into success in business or in life.

Providing this important leverage requires knowledge of who is being taught. Getting to know students takes data mining from school records, researching and experiencing local culture, collaboration with other teachers, and spending time talking with the students.

When teachers know what skills students already possess, the teacher can compare those skills with the what, which are the content and skills to mastered. Failure to take these necessary steps before considering how to teach may negate acquisition of the skills that must be acquired...

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