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We are two teachers whose combined experience in the classroom totals 61 years-- and counting.  We decided it might be a good idea to share what we have learned so far-- to help you.  

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 1.  Lesson Planning by Unit

2.  Successful Lesson Planning

3.  Connecting Homework to Lesson

4.  Lesson Planning for English

5.  The Dark Side of Lesson Planning

6.  Lesson Planning: Levels of Ability

7.  Lesson Planning in Threes

8.  "How Much is this Worth?"

9.  Internet Lesson Plans

10.  Understanding Process, Products, & Content

11.  End of the day: Rocket Science & Rock Stars


12. Classroom Management 1

13. Classroom Management 2

14. Classroom Management 3

15. Classroom Management 4

16. Classroom Management 5

17. Interruptions to Instruction

18. Presentation Skills and Your Lesson

19. Assessment; the Fundamental Questions

20. Assessment: Nuts and Bolts 

21. Assessment: Design Considerations

22. Introduction to Group Projects



23. Working in Groups During Class

24. Communicating with Parents

25. Mean Parents are Inevitable 

26. Working with Administration 

27. Being a Good Colleague Part 1

28. Being a Good Colleague Part 2

29. Being a Good Colleague Part 3

30. Professional Reflection

31. Refreshing Your Teaching 

32. Teaching for the Long Haul

Common Questions series included



"Practical, relevant, and sage advice. I am currently a second year teacher, and I wish I had used this program sooner!  It would have saved me many sleepless nights spent planning or worrying." Paige Jones 

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Teacher to Teacher Training exists to provide practical, relevant, unpretentious, helpful, and confidently presented resources that are provided with gratitude and respect to education professionals.


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