To celebrate the launch of the Teacher to Teacher Training library, we are offering a 15-video sampler from our complete library. For 21 days, you'll have access to a curated selection of our best videos for just $34.95.


15-video sampler contains these titles:

Ep: 3 Connecting Homework to Lesson                                             Ep: 5  The Dark Side of Lesson Planning

Ep: 8  How much is this Worth?                                                           Ep: 9 Internet Lesson Planning

Ep: 16 Classroom Management Ep. 5                                                 Ep: 18 Presentation Skills and your lesson

Ep: 21  / Ep. 15: samples are also included                                       Ep: 22 Introduction to Group Projects

Ep: 23 Working in Groups during class                                               Ep: 24 Communicating with Parents

Ep. 26 Working with Administration                                                    Ep. 28 Being a Good Colleague Pt. 2

Ep. 29 Being a Good Colleague Pt. 3                                                   Ep. 31 Refreshing your teaching 

Common Question #1 What should teachers do with memorabilia? 

Common Questions #2 How do teachers plan for unexpectedly being absent? 


Don't forget that your purchase includes: 

• 15 helpful videos

• downloadable discussion/response sheets



You'll also have 21-day access to the response/discussion sheets that were created and tailored to accompany each video. 

We are confident that viewing just one video a day will provide information and inspiration that will change the way you teach. 

This series does not contain all of the components of the Teacher to Teacher Training program like podcast versions of the videos or access to webinars. 

However, qualified users can upgrade to the Student & University version for an additional $20. However, the upgrade must be purchased within the 21 days you will have access to the program.  This upgrade offer and the 15-video sampler are limited time offers and may be withdrawn or modified at any time. 

So hurry to take advantage of this outrageously practical way to improve your teaching today. 


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